Founding the company


  • first one-colour printing press
  • 2 employees
  • Expanding abroad


  • Establishment of i+i Prague subsidiary
  • We are growing


  • Construction of new production facility at Mlynské Luhy
  • 44 employees
  • New millennium


  • 15 printing units
  • 60 employees
  • reference printing house for Heidelberg Druckmaschinen AG
  • World class


  • New Heidelberg Speedmaster XL105 printing press put into operation, the first of its kind in central Europe, an increase of printing speed to 18,000 sheets per hour and the printing sheet formatted to 75x105 cm
  • New technologies


  • Transition to CTP technology, commissioning the use of cutting machines ML 1020 and Heidelberg.
  • Granted rights to use the “technology by Heidelberg” brand
  • Closer to You


  • Personalisation, direct mailing and targeted distribution within 24 hours
  • We are hard at work


  • Start of the production of the high-speed stitching and gluing line Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST450, an speed increase to 14,000 finished brochures per hour, more than a quarter of a million copies per day, along with the gluing-in of leaflets, plastic and paper cards, booklets or samples
  • We make it shine


  • Putting of a new UV digital flatbed machine Swiss Q Print Nyala 2, cutting centre Zünd G3 XL3200, laminating, folding and gluing line Lamina into operation
  • Making progress


  • Start-up of a development centre of packaging, 3D and graphical solutions for our customers
  • Reaping the fruits of our labour


  • Start of the rigid box production
  • Winning a title ‘The Most Beautiful Book in Slovakia’
  • Award worthy


  • Winning a title ‘The Golden Nail’ in the category Design
  • Winning a prize ‘The Model Young Package’
  • Successful testing of 100% bio-degradable NONOILEN® bioplastics (developed by prof Alexy and Panara Ltd) in press conditions and further processing for packaging.
  • In 30 years we have created a great team and amazing novelties

    Since 1990 we have managed to bring in many new additions, win multiple awards, print an unbelievable amount of material and satisfy our clients. The most important part is that we are passionate about our job. Therefore we are looking forward to other seemingly impossible challenges, but also to every single small business card that comes out of our machines

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