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The wide spectrum of effects and printing on arbitrary material enables an unprecedented space for the creativity of our clients. The main advantage of digital ink-jet technology is cost saving in prepress and low cost of printouts.

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at i+i print

Quality is our main priority - our technologies from swissQprint, HP, Zünd and Heidelberger Druckmaschinen are the best in the world in terms of quality and productivity.
Thanks to the unique combination of top technologies and several decades of experience we can guarantee a result of extraordinary quality.

Benefits in points

Tailored printing

Digital printing is often used in the personalization of printed documents that are printed by other technologies. It is an integral part of our technologies because it has two main benefits:
1. Variability – every print product is an original
2. A growing quality of printing product.
We also print certified digital proofs that substituted analogue proofs (chromalins) after introducing the CTP technology.

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