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Offset print is undoubtedly the best and the most used printing technology, especially suitable for printing large volumes of copies.

What is offset print

The offset is the lithography, where the printing and the nonprinting are virtually on the same level. The offset is an indirect print, because the print is at first transferred from the printing form to the rubber cylinder and only then subsequently to the paper.

As the colour is transported twice, the image in the printing form is not retrograded. Thanks to the rubber cylinder and its capability to adhere also to an uneven surface the offset can also print the most subtle details. The image and the colours originate from the optical illusion that uses the imperfection of the human eye.

When to choose offset?

Why is offset so popular and prevalent? From the point of view from the quality of images, colours and time it is obviously the most favourable solution. Offset is sometimes referred to as large print run print, as it is viable for production of large volumes of copies.

Digital printing has become more popular recently, however offset maintains its position in the graphic industry. If needed, you can find information about digital printing, its advantages, disadvantages, in our section DIGITAL PRINT.

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