What you think of,
we materialise

The supreme form
of challenge

The secret of success lies in our attitude. We do not avoid special challenges, we actually pursue them. For our experts it presents the possibility to capitalise their mastery and many years of experience in different sectors of graphic industry to reach the top result.

To our clients it means that their creativity is no longer limitd by usual technical possibilities. We can exceed the everyday standards and combine different kinds of technologies.

We give life to our print

Not only do we print on different materials, but we varnish them on full or partial surface, on flat level or relief.

We can make the relief by cutting, image embossing or in combination with foils.

We grab every opportunity

We sketch, lay out, test prototypes, laminate, cut out, cut with steel and laser, score, perforate, fold with a machine or by hand, underlay, fill with paper, plastic and natural pads and complete into a functional form.
Special mechanisms are applied to reach comfortable usage: shutters, hangers, grips, tearable self-adhesive seals. After assembling, we directly mailed them.

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