From sketch
to realisation

There are no boundaries in our creativity

The suitable composition of the technologies, experiences, materials and human potential in our company has resulted into an essentially endless scale of designing and producing of packages. We can design and create packages according to customer´s vision, or even surpass them.

Our the biggest advantage is that we can produce packages from a hundred pieces up to huge series. We work with different kinds of papers, solid fiberboards, cardboards, recycled and natural materials or even the combination of them all. We focus on foodstuff packages, industrial packages but also on the representative ones.

30+ years of experience
in the print area.

Thanks to the the experiences in our printing house in a combination with the latest technologies enable us to meet almost every customer´s need and prepare the most specific and unique solutions.

Thanks to digital technology we are able, even with high figures, to ensure high variability and diversity of your packages. Each one can be unique.

From 1 000
to 100 000+

Packages responding to your ideas can be produced from a minimum
of 1 000 pieces to series of 100 000s.

We use paper, cardboard, plastics, recycled and natural materials or a combination of them. We will pack everything for you. From a pin to a small car.

Original packages

Packaging sells. Neverthelles, many packages have only its utility value, but they are not tailored to the product and do not adequately capture its essence.

That is why we design and produce packages that are perfectly symbiotic to the product and can emphasize its uniqueness even more.

Let´s create your packages together.
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